• Peas & Spinach Wafer
    $0.80 VAT-Inclusive
    These easy on the gums wafers encourage self-feeding and dissolve quickly while eating.
  • Blueberries & Purple Carrot Wafers
    $0.80 VAT-Inclusive
    Perfect fruit & veggie blend with jasmine rice for the curious tot that is learning to self-feed.
  • Sweet Potato & Banana Wafer
    $0.80 VAT-Inclusive
    These easy dissolving wafers are a perfect introductory snack to your teething tot.
  • Mango & Pumpkin + Amaranth
    $0.80 VAT-Inclusive
    These quick dissolving crackers aren't just easy on your baby's gums but encourages self-feeding as well.
  • Apple, Spinach, Peas & Kiwi
    $5.00 VAT-Inclusive
    Melt-in-tot's-mouth, delicious, & nutritious veggies to that encourage self-feeding.
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