• Blueberries & Purple Carrot Wafers
    $0.80 VAT-Inclusive
    Perfect fruit & veggie blend with jasmine rice for the curious tot that is learning to self-feed.
  • Bananas, Beets & Blueberries
    $3.25 VAT-Inclusive
    A perfectly simple yet delicious fruit & veggie combination for introducing your baby to multiple flavors.
  • Apples, Blueberries & Oats
    $3.25 VAT-Inclusive
    This thick & velvety blend mimics the flavor & texture of oatmeal.
  • Apples, Blueberries & Spinach
    $3.25 VAT-Inclusive
    Experience fall through flavor with this unsweetened and unsalted blend of fruits & veggies.
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